Wood Floor Cleaning Service

Wood Floor Cleaning Services in Lancashire and Cumbria

Does your commercial premises have wooden floors that have seen better days? Daily wear and tear in a commercial environment can soon leave you with a damaged, scratched and scuffed floor that detracts from your business. We offer wood floor restoration services in Lancashire to help you restore your floors so they look great once again.

We use the latest equipment, technology and training to deliver impressive professional cleaning of a wide variety of hard flooring types. Dull, tired, scratched and worn wood floors are restored like new again, with optional finishing treatments available. Maintaining your natural wood floor not only improves the appearance of any room, but will also extend the lifespan of your expensive investment.

Why choose us for wood floor cleaning in Lancashire?

  • We have professional training in hard floor care and restoration techniques
  • Extensive, multi-stage, cutting edge cleaning systems
  • Cleans dirt, grime and scuffs from the surface
  • Sealing / finishing options available POA

What do we clean?

  • Wood panel floors
  • Parquet floors
  • Solid wood floors
  • Reclaimed wood floors
  • Laminate wood effect flooring
  • Plus many more

Carpet and Floor Care not only offer a wealth of industrial and commercial wood floor cleaning expertise, but also deliver a range of specialist cleaning and restoration services, all of which are available throughout the North West.  Whether you are new to the premises and want to make some improvements from day on, or want to use our services to get your wood floors looking great once again, we can tackle large areas such as school halls, gymnasiums, event spaces, stages, to smaller reception areas, shops and offices.

For our domestic customers struggling with wood floors in the home, our trained technicians offer friendly, professional, honest advice for maintaining your floors at home including what finish or sealant would best suit your needs to protect your floor for as long as possible. We can come to complete the work at a time convenient to you and handle all the health and safety requirements to ensure the job is completed safely and on-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Floor Cleaning

Absolutely. Wood can be a sensitive material, but with the right equipment and skills wooden floors can be cleaned and restored to a beautiful finish.

Yes. We will inspect the floor and identify the best treatment for it. We’ve worked on loads of wooden floors so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Absolutely, we can varnish the floor after cleaning to provide protection and enhance the finish.

We don’t generally offer a repairs service for wooden floors, but a professional clean and restoration may well deal with the damage. We’ll always try to help, so pop us over a picture and we’ll let you know what we can do.

It depends on the size of the floor and how worn it is, small areas can sometimes be completed in a day, but we’ll need to take a look before we can really answer this. Send us over a picture or description and we’ll give you an estimate.

In homes, once or twice a year is generally sufficient. For businesses it can be a little more often since they often have to endure a great deal more wear and tear.

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