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Professional upholstery cleaning services in Lancashire and Cumbria for both business and domestic customers.

Butterworth cleaning services have been providing professional upholstery cleaning services in Lancashire and Cumbria for both business and domestic customers for many years. Your upholstered furniture can often bear the brunt of day to day life, with dirt and grease on arms of chairs and sofas, to food and drink spills on cushions and seats. There are only so many times you can turn the cushions over before you need to look at a more permanent solution.

We have extensive experience cleaning seating chairs and upholstered furniture for some of the biggest institutions and educational establishments in the North West. We are able to clean a large volume of upholstered chairs and furniture at any one time thanks to our industrial cleaning equipment and professional cleaning methods. Often, years of muck and dirt engrained into the fabric of furniture can make it look so worn that customers immediately think of replacing the furniture. This is actually rarely necessary. The difference that professional level equipment, knowledge and skill can make is far beyond what can be achieved with general cleaning products. We use specially formulated cleaning products which agitate and release dirt and grime from the fibres of upholstery whilst also conditioning them and protecting the natural moisture within the fibres which keeps them looking good.

We work quickly and efficiently so you don’t need to worry about your living room or business space being out of action for long. We don’t cut corners, we just use great gear and know how to use it well. We use trained and experienced cleaning staff to tackle large jobs in a structured and controlled way. Businesses love our service because we arrive on time and complete jobs on schedule. If you’re considering upholstery cleaning for your business then make sure you work with a company like us, who have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver the results you want, without hassle.

Business customers across the Lancashire and Cumbria regions count on us for deep cleaning. We provide one off cleaning services and are also available for regular maintenance plans for the furniture and seating in their business premises. We have been the trusted cleaner of many business in the local area, call us today to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upholstery Cleaning

This depends on lots of factors such as the density of the upholstery fibres being cleaned, the ambient temperature and air humidity, and air flow throughout the premises. Unlike many companies using underpowered equipment, our vacuum machine has the suction to get your upholstery almost dry after cleaning. We will recommend several ways to speed up the final drying stage, but with the heating on and some windows open, most of our customer’s upholstery are usually dry within an hour of us leaving. If for any reason we anticipate the drying process to take slightly linger (in unheated or unventilated rooms) we will speed up the drying process with high powered fans and air movers.

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