Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Carlisle, Cumbria

Swimming Pool Tile and Grout Cleaning

It is important to maintain a clean leisure facility, swimming pool and shower area is vital to make a great first impression to new customers, as well as help prevent the spread of dangerous diseases including Legionnaires, fungal infections and pathogens that breed in these wet conditions.

We use the latest equipment, technology and training to deliver impressive, professional cleaning. Dull, tired, dirty and worn flooring can be restored like new again, with optional finishing treatments available. Regular maintenance of your floor improves the appearance of your public facing pool sides, as well as extend the lifespan of many floor types, therefore protecting your investments.

Why choose us?

  • We have professional training in hard floor care and restoration techniques
  • Extensive, multi-stage, cutting edge cleaning systems
  • Cleans dirt, grime and marks from the surface
  • Sealing, finishing and anti-slip options available POA
  • We help you adhere to the latest health and safety regulations.
  • We remove tough, ground-in dirt and stubborn mould and mildew
  • Our technicians have a wealth of experience in getting the best results

What do we clean?

  • Tiled pool areas
  • Tiled shower & changing areas
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Vinyl tile floors
  • Manmade floors
  • Altro safety flooring
  • Plus many more

At Butterworth Property Services we provide a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning service, that ensures your pool, shower and changing areas are safe and hygienic for the public to use with confidence. Whether you need a cleaning service for your public or private pool, on a one-off basis, or would like to reap the full benefits of an ongoing maintenance plan, Butterworth Property Services can provide you with an extensive solution for your leisure facility maintenance needs. We deliver a range of specialist cleaning and restoration services, all of which are available throughout the North West. Contact us today for more information advice or even arrange a test sample of our cleaning systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Yes please get in touch for more information about the deep cleaning process we use and our prices

We use some of the best chemical solutions available to our industry. Most of our chemicals are chosen for their effecitveness whilst also keeping environtmental concerns in mind when we choose. If you require eco friendly cleaning we can offer this service to you.

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