Marble Floor Polishing Service

Marble floors can be a real feature to any building, business or premises. Whether you have installed the Marble yourself or have inherited it from a previous owner, maintaining your marble floor with help from Carpet and Floor Care is easier than you may think.

All natural stone surfaces used in flooring require some level of maintenance, regardless of the level of us. Whilst marble is generally regarded as being one of the tougher materials used for flooring, it remains vital to properly care for it, since it is also highly sought after and expensive to replace. Many owners of marble floors favour it for it’s ability to be honed to a dazzling shine, unfortunately this is one of the first features to be lost to general wear and tear. It is also important to maintain a high quality professional seal on marble flooring, since despite its apparent toughness it is still vulnerable to damage from moisture, particularly acidic spills. Marble flooring in kitchen and dining areas tends to suffer the worst and may need cleaning and sealing more regularly than other areas.

Working with an experienced cleaning company like Carpet and Floor Care means you benefit from tried and tested techniques that deliver the best possible results for your floor, all without risking damage from the use of unsuitable cleaning solutions. Avoid off-the-shelf products for Marble cleaning since this sensitive material can be damaged surprisingly easily by the from solutions. Our specialist marble cleaning service utilises the latest technology, to restore the mirror shine to marble flooring in foyers, hotel lobbies, shopping centres across the UK. Daily use and heavy foot traffic will cause dents and scuffs to your marble floors, these little grooves then start to fill with dust and grit that layer up and are impossible to remove with just a standard mop and off the shelf floor cleaner – no matter what they promise.

We remove the dirt and even out the scuffs and scratches restoring an even surface to your marble, it is this smooth blemish free surface that makes your marble reflect light and shine. The light picks up the natural colours in the floor giving you a unique floor like no other. After cleaning, we can offer you multiple different maintenance options and floor sealants to help you keep this shine as long as possible.

Commercial clients rely on us to provide an outstanding quality of clean, delivered safely, efficiently and at times convenient to the customer. If your business has opening hours which restrict access to our team simply advise us of this and we will do all we can to accommodate you. Our trained, experienced and friendly team complete the work safely and efficiently with as little disruption as possible to both your staff and customers. We offer our marble polishing with a rapid turnaround so you experience absolutely minimal downtime and maximum enjoyment of your stunning marble flooring. Ask us about our low dust and residue system that significantly reduces your general cleaning requirements. Call today to book your Marble floor cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marble Floor Cleaning

Yes please get in touch for more information about the deep cleaning process we use and our prices

We use some of the best chemical solutions available to our industry. Most of our chemicals are chosen for their effecitveness whilst also keeping environtmental concerns in mind when we choose. If you require eco friendly cleaning we can offer this service to you.

Generally all spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible to keep Marble flooring in the best condition. Marble is an alkali rock, which means it is particularly vulnerable to acidic spillages such as fruit juices and ketchup. If left untreated, these spills can discolour and damage the floor.

We always work as throughly and quickly as possible. It is difficult to say exactly how long it will take to clean a specific floor without knowing the size of the area to be treated. Many Marble floors in domestic settings can be treated in a day, larger buildings can take a little longer.

Any floor which has been taken to a shiny, reflective finish, will eventually lose some of that shine from regular wear and tear. Generally the culprit is microscopic dust and dirt which has been trodden into the floor underfoot. This is quite normal and is a sign that the floor would benefit from a polish and possibly a coat of sealer.

We will always try to treat small scratches or cracks in floors we work on. If you let us know a little about the extent of the damage we will do our best to find a solution.

The equipment we use to polish Marble flooring makes a small amount of noise but is generally not disruptive to the surrounding area. If you would prefer us to carry out our work at a specific time so as to minimise any possible disruption to your business do let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

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