High Level Cleaning Services

High Level Cleaning Services in Lancashire

Our team can perform cleaning for domestic and commercial clients in high level areas. With extensive experience in this area we can offer a variety of high level cleaning services including:

  1. High level window cleaning
  2. High level pressure washing
  3. Debris / leaf removal from guttering and drainage pipes
  4. Ventilation and extraction system cleaning
  5. Kitchen extraction vents cleaning

When it comes to commercial property maintenance, the checklist is endless and the jobs that are often completed are the things that we can see.

The out of sight out of mind mentality can lead to serious repercussions for your business, but with our new high level cleaning services now available you can keep an up to date schedule of all those hard to reach places.

High level window cleaning

Using the latest safety techniques those hard to reach windows can benefit from our new effective cleaning service. Ideal for hotels, office buildings and apartments that can not be reached by standard street-level cleaning providers.

High level pressure washing

The day to day toll of traffic pollution builds up over the years to coat buildings in unsightly grey dust that dulls the exterior and can start to cause damage and erosion to your stonework. Our Carpet and Floor Care technicians are trained to use the latest pressure washing equipment safely and efficiently to lift hard to reach stubborn grit from your building.

Debris / leaf removal from guttering and drainage pipes

Blockages can be a very expensive problem to put right, with metres of pipes running along the outside of large commercial buildings the time scale involved is immeasurable if the blockage is concealed. A regular maintenance service from our team at Carpet and Floor Care can help you limit the risk of costly obstructions later on.

Ventilation and extraction system cleaning

Clean air in buildings is the key to a healthy workforce and happy customers. Of course vent soiling occurs over time and your ventilation ducts become contaminated. However a hygiene maintenance program will soon have your air ducts back in top condition. This new service is ideal for public and private buildings, new and old ventilation systems, as the team has been trained to the highest standard to tackle your ventilation today.

Kitchen extraction vents cleaning

Dirty and forgotten kitchen ventilation and extraction is one of the most common causes of commercial kitchen fires. The grease travels up through the ventilation while hot and later cools and adheres to the inside of the extractor system. As this grease builds up and is heated again day after day the danger increases. Keep your staff and customers safe by simply arranging a regular clean of your extraction and ventilation system from Carpet and Floor Care.

Call Carpet and Floor care today and arrange a thorough consultation for carpet, upholstery, hard floor and the new high level cleaning services above. The expansion of our services and our coverage area makes us the ideal one stop company for your cleaning and maintenance program.

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