Anti Slip Treatment Service

Our pioneering new service is an efficient, cost-effective method to turn your dangerous, slippery hard floors into safe, non-slip surfaces without altering the natural look of your stone or tiles.

shutterstock_180984590Why choose an anti-slip finish for your floors?

More than a billion dollars a year is spent in payouts for negligence suits filed due to deaths and injuries caused by slips and falls. At places of work and even in your own home, hard flooring presents an obvious risk when it becomes slippery. That’s where our non slip service comes in. At Butterworth Cleaning Services Ltd, we can mitigate against the risk of slips and falls, protecting you from injury and protecting your business from any potential liability.

Why do floors get slippy?

Maintaining your hard floors is a must, but after these types of surfaces are cleaned and polished, they can pose a health and safety risk. Natural materials such as ceramic, granite, terrazzo, slate, porcelain tile, concrete and the various different types of materials used in bathtubs have natural voids in them. The bigger the void, the more the surface of that material is slip resistant. The void basically creates a tread for you to walk on. However, ceramic or glazed tile, as well as porcelain, are often coated to create a shiny finished look to the surface. These coatings fill in the natural void up to seventy percent. Therefore, when the surface is wet, the water fills in the remaining thirty percent of the void, causing the floor to become slippery due to what could be described as a hydroplane effect. This is similar to when you are driving and your vehicle loses its traction on the road due to heavy rain or pools of water. Unfortunately, losing your footing on a hard surface can sometimes be equally as dangerous as losing control of your car.

How does our anti-slip treatment service work

Floor Treatments

Floor Treatments

Our anti slip service utilises an environmentally safe, non-toxic and odorless chemical solution which, when applied to a hard surface in the correct fashion, leaves an invisible, “tread-like” pattern that creates the friction required to make floors safer to use without changing their appearance at all, this is not a coating that wears away over time so you do not have to worry about re-applying. If there’s some flooring in your business that always causes problems for your employees and customers, call Butterworth Cleaning Services Ltd and we can alleviate that problem without you having to spend thousands of pounds getting your floors replaced. The non slip solution we use is very versatile and can be applied to ceramic tiles and other mineral based materials, including quarry tile, marble, slate, stone and concrete.

Butterworth Cleaning Services offer:

  1. Slip floor treatment, including aftercare cleaner and degreaser
  2. A professional approach to safely treat tile, stone, concrete and any natural floor materials (not wood or epoxy treated)
  3. Help you meet OSHA/ADA friction requirements
  4. Verification of the results of our treatment using a ‘Slip Meter’ to ensure the highest standards in non-slip
  5. Over 14 years experience in various commercial floor care situations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Non Slip


Lots of natural materials such as ceramic, granite, terrazzo, slate, porcelain tile, concrete and bathtubs have natural voids in them. The larger the void, the more the surface of that material is slip resistant. This void makes a tread for you to walk on. Ceramic or glazed tile, as well as porcelain, are often coated to create a shiny finished look to a floor. These coatings fill in the natural void up to 70%. When the surface is wet, the water fills in the remaining 30% of the void and that is why a floor becomes slippery not allowing any space between the water and the bottom of your foot creating a hydroplane effect.


Our professional treatment microscopically treads the surface of ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, concrete and other natural stone surfaces to mitigate slippery conditions on wet floors.  It increases the coefficient of the surface when wet.


We select a test area of your floor and thoroughly clean the floor before applying our specialist treatment. Results of the treatments should be visible within a few minutes. Once we discover the success of the treatment and floor type we start to work in small areas of your floor.


No.  We use an odorless, non-toxic and environmentally safe solutions. It is actually much less offensive than ordinary household bleach. As with all chemicals they should be handled with care and kept out of the reach of children.


The whole process is very simple and our methodical approach means we cause minimum disruption to you. We believe our slip resistant service is a long term solution to slippery floors, no expensive replacements and disruptive construction needed.


For commercial locations we recommend we repeat the treatment once a year. We recommend once every three years for residential locations. Housekeeping maintenance is important.  A dirty, wet surface will not afford maximum slip resistance and accident protection.


No.  Our extensive research and testing has eliminated any harmful effects to tile and grout


No.  Once we have completed the treatment you can return to your regular maintenance routine.

Our treatment leaves an invisible “tread-like” pattern on ceramic tile and other mineral based materials, including quarry tile, marble, slate, stone and concrete.  The treatment works to increase the slip coefficient (slip resistance) of the surface to which it is applied.  The minimum standard of OSHA and ADA are .5  or better. We increase the slip coefficient to levels of .6 or better.

Underwriters Laboratory & American Society of Testing and Materials Coefficient Standards*

  1. .60 or above           Very Safe
  2. .50 to .59                 Relatively Safe
  3. .40 to .49                 Dangerous
  4. .35 – .39                   Very Dangerous

Ceramic Tile Institute Coefficient Standards**

  1. .60 or Above           Slip Resistant
  2. .50 to .59                 Conditionally Slip Resistant
  3. Less than .50         Questionable


This floor treatment has no harmful effects on tile or grout and provides excellent slip resistant safe footing on wet floor surfaces that far exceed floor safety standards mandated by OSHA and The American Disability Act.

  1. Minimum disturbance
  2. this is not a coating so nothing to ‘Wears-Off’
  3. Creates a tread/grip like sure Footing
  4. Safe for the environment, Non-Toxic and Odorless
  5. Does Not Alter Appearance of Tile or Grout



Large corporations like McDonald’s have been using this type of anti slip solution for over a decade, but it is arguably even more important for small businesses to protect themselves against litigation and court proceedings caused by an employee or client becoming injured on their premises. Even if you don’t own a business, our anti slip service can protect you and your family. We’ve all experienced slippery tiles in the bath or shower, and they can present a real danger when you’re climbing in and out these areas, regardless of your age. With our anti slip service, you no longer have to worry about slips and falls in the bathroom that could potentially result in serious injuries, and you don’t have to change the appearance of these hard surfaces at all.

Slip & Fall Facts

  1. Slip and fall accidents account for 20,000+ fatalities per year in North America at a rate of 55 people daily.
  2. Slip and fall accidents are the 2nd leading cause of accidental death & disability after auto accidents.
  3. Over 540,000 Slip and Fall injuries, requiring hospital care, occur in North America each year.
  4. Slip and fall accidents account for over 300,000 disabling injuries per year in North America.
  5. One in three serious bone breaks for seniors result in death within one year of the accident.
  6. Slip and fall accidents kill more workers than all other combined forms of workplace accidents in North America.
  7. Slip and fall accidents are the number 1 cause of accidents in Hotels, Restaurants and Public Buildings with 70% occurring on flat and level surfaces.
  8. Slip and fall accidents are resulting in Worker’s Compensation claims of over $1.8 billion per year.
  9. Worker’s Compensation & Liability Insurance Rates are increasing at a rate of on average of 20% – 30% per year.
  10. The total expenses resulting from Slip and fall injuries alone is a $30 million plus per day problem.
  11. Why is there a critical need for the anti slip treatment of floors in public areas?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over one million people in American suffer a slip, trip, and fall injury with a frightening 17, 000 deaths in the U.S. annually because of these injuries.  15 percent of all job related injuries are slip, trip and fall, which accounts for between 12 and 15 percent of all Workers’ Compensation expenses.

  1. Loss of Life: The fatality rate related to slip and fall accidents is second only to transportation fatalities in the top ten categories of accidental deaths.
  2. Liability Mitigation:  Business owners and operators can mitigate liability by acting prudently in the standard of care maintained for their facilities.  Documentation of due diligence and slip resistance testing will enhance standing in any legal issues.
  3. Insurance Costs: Your insurance premium may be reduced once our anti-slip service has been carried out.
  4. Surface Volume:  Potentially hazardous, tile floors are everywhere across multiple industries due to aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance and durability.
  5. Common Sense: We should all endeavour to keep our homes and businesses as safe as possible.
  6. Commercial Applications of our anti-slip treatment service
  7. Meets OSHA/ADA recommendation
  8. For use on dirty tiled areas, greasy concrete and any natural stone paved areas
  9. The floor in McDonald’s Restaurants undergoes a similar slip resistant treatment regularly and has done for nearly 15 years
  10. Used by holiday resorts, cruise line companies and theme parks
  11. We can advise you on the aftercare of the floor once we have treated it so it maintains the integrity of the tile or slippery surface

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