See how much difference a professional carpet clean can make for sufferers of hayfever and allergies

See how much difference a professional carpet clean can make for sufferers of hayfever and allergies

Most of us look forward to summer, but for allergy sufferers this time of year can often be very uncomfortable.

The American Association of Asthma and Immunology defines the word allergy as: “a chronic condition involving an abnormal reaction to an ordinarily harmless substance called an allergen.” People who suffer from allergies produce an immune response to what thier bodies see as foreign invaders- these irritants aren’t just pollen, either. They can be anything from mould and dust mites in the home to pollen brought in from outside/

Unfortunately, despite the wonders of modern medicine, there is no way to completely stop these symptoms if you suffer from allergies. Many people buy products such as antihistamines to help minimise the immune response to these foreign bodies, but not enough people think about how they can prevent allergens from interacting with them in the first place- having a thoroughly clean home.

If you haven’t had them professionally cleaned, your carpets may well be a haven for various foreign objects that might be setting off your alllergies. At Carpet and Floor Care, we normally use the Hot Water Extraction method (HWE) to get the deepest clean possible. Our truck-mounted system cleans around four times faster than some of the cheaper machines on the market, helping us to provide professional services to customers in a timely fashion. Carpets cleaned with this technique also dry quickly, limiting the disruption to your routine.

We don’t just offer carpet cleaning services, either. We are also experienced in upholstery cleaning for your home and business and can clean and maintain many types of hard flooring, too. We offer a range of hard floor cleaning solutions that can be tailored to suit any requirements, delivered safely and conveniently to your home or business.

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