How to look after your slate floor

How to look after your slate floor

At Carpet and Floor Care we clean, seal and restore many types of hard flooring. All floors will need professional maintenance at some point, but we’ve put together some tips and tricks that you can use in the meantime to keep your slate floors looking their best for longer.

Soft brush vacuuming

Dust can damage slate when it is dragged along the surface of the stone, so it’s important to make sure that you vacuum or sweep up regularly. Be careful when vacuuming not to drag the cleaner along the floor, however, as this will do more harm than good!

Dust mopping

This is probably the best approach when it comes to regularly removing dust and debris from slate floors. When dust mopping, be sure to run the dust mop in one direction only. Do not move it back and forth- make sure you push the dirt in one direction only. When you have accumulated enough dirt and debris, pick it up with a dustpan and brush and take the dust mop outside to shake any remaining dust. When storing the dust mop, be sure to keep its head off the ground. There are various hangers you can purchase that are excellent for storing mops and brooms.

Designate only one dust mop for each type of surface. For example, you should use one dust mop for your slate flooring and a separate one for other tile or wood floors. No water is required in this process, it will only make it more difficult. Purchase a good-quality machine-washable mop and keep it clean by washing it in cold water with laundry detergent and then machine-dry.

Never use acidic cleaners

Anything acidic will slowly dissolve slate, so avoid at all costs!

Welcome mats

A mat is really useful when you have hard floors because they will store a lot of the dirt people would otherwise bring in from outside under foot. If you can get everyone to take their shoes off at the door your slate floors will thank you!

Get professional help!

At Carpet and Floor Care we use the latest equipment and technology and only the safest products. Our many years of experience mean we can identify problem areas quickly, safely deal with them in the most appropriate way and our professional, honest advice leaves you with the confidence to maintain your slate tile floor properly for years to come. After we have thoroughly cleaned your floors we will seal them, to keep them protected from future damage for longer. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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