Get the most out of your spring clean by calling in a professional carpet cleaner

Get the most out of your spring clean by calling in a professional carpet cleaner

Spring is a great time of year to give your house a proper clean and make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies and clean your appliances.

While there are many great tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your spring cleaning, an often overlooked part of maintaining a healthy home environment is having carpets professionally cleaned. There’s only so much that vacuuming can do when dirt, bacteria and allergens become buried deep beneath the pile of your carpets over time. This can become a particular problem for people who suffer from allergies like hayfever.

At Carpet and Floor Care our operatives are fully trained and have all the best equipment available to get the best results with every job, regardless of what type of carpets they are working with. We use the Hot Water Extraction method of cleaning for most types of carpets as it delivers the deepest clean possible by using highly pressurised water. HWE also boasts fast drying times, but for more delicate carpets and if you don’t want to wait for carpets to try, we can use the Very Low Moisture technique. A regular carpet clean is recommended by manufacturers and doesn’t just improve the freshness of the carpet’s appearance and smell, but can prolong its lifespan, saving you money in the long-run. If carpets are left with dirt and dust trapped beneath the surface, these foreign bodies can start to wear away the fabric when exposed to foot traffic.

So, make sure you finish your spring clean the right way by having your carpets properly cleaned. We are also experienced in upholstery cleaning for your home and business and can clean and maintain many types of hard flooring, too. We offer a range of hard floor cleaning solutions that can be tailored to suit any requirements, delivered safely and conveniently to your home or business.

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