Get help from the professionals at Butterworth Property Services to clean your carpets and save money

Get help from the professionals at Butterworth Property Services to clean your carpets and save money

In the current economic climate, people are finding themselves delaying DIY jobs they have been trying to do for the past few years. Less disposable income and the increase in the cost of living often means there is very little left over to redecorate the lounge, or replace that old bathroom. Jobs that you have always meant to get around to doing, simply don’t get done!

That being the case, it is easy to see how tempting it can be to look for a quick fix to some household problems, and in some instances, that may work. Instead of getting a new kitchen, replace the cupboard doors to freshen up what you already have. Or similarly, painting a room and rearranging furniture is a fantastic way to create a space that feels fresh, up to date and modern. Instead of replacing a carpet, have you thought about getting it professionally cleaned? A regularly cleaned carpet will last years longer, but be sure not to fall into the trap that many others find themselves in. Carpet cleaning machines for hire are NOT the solution.

We find ourselves in a culture where we tend to be encouraged to ‘mend and make do’, however, this can cause lasting damage. These machines are small and compact and frankly do not have the power needed to clean your carpet thoroughly. One of the biggest problems in home carpet cleaning is the rapid re-soil rate. This is due to the insufficient rinsing/suction capability of these machines. The pumps and motors are lacking in power and heat, meaning that the detergents you spray onto your carpets are left in its fibres. It’s like when residual soap gets left on your hands, leaving them feeling stickier and even more unclean than before – the chemical residue left behind in your carpet fibres attracts even more dirt, and because the area does not dry, vacuuming later on has no impact. Unfortunately for many, this renders your carpet sticky, stained and potentially permanently damaged. The reason professional carpet cleaning machines are often big in size and expensive to buy, is because they need the power to do a good job.

At Butterworth Property Services the staff have experience with many different types of carpet fibres so they can apply a wealth of knowledge to your individual circumstances. All staff are fully trained and insured to deal with any situation so you can be confident we will get the best results for you. See a full list of floor care & cleaning services here.

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