How does the anti-slip floor treatment work?

Our treatment leaves an invisible “tread-like” pattern on ceramic tile and other mineral based materials, including quarry tile, marble, slate, stone and concrete.  The treatment works to increase the slip coefficient (slip resistance) of the surface to which it is applied.  The minimum standard of OSHA and ADA are .5  or better. We increase the slip coefficient to levels of .6 or better.

Underwriters Laboratory & American Society of Testing and Materials Coefficient Standards*

  1. .60 or above           Very Safe
  2. .50 to .59                 Relatively Safe
  3. .40 to .49                 Dangerous
  4. .35 – .39                   Very Dangerous

Ceramic Tile Institute Coefficient Standards**

  1. .60 or Above           Slip Resistant
  2. .50 to .59                 Conditionally Slip Resistant
  3. Less than .50         Questionable


This floor treatment has no harmful effects on tile or grout and provides excellent slip resistant safe footing on wet floor surfaces that far exceed floor safety standards mandated by OSHA and The American Disability Act.

  1. Minimum disturbance
  2. this is not a coating so nothing to ‘Wears-Off’
  3. Creates a tread/grip like sure Footing
  4. Safe for the environment, Non-Toxic and Odorless
  5. Does Not Alter Appearance of Tile or Grout



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