Butterworth Property Services can help you breath new life into your old carpets this Spring.

Butterworth Property Services can help you breath new life into your old carpets this Spring.

Do you have dirty carpets but just can’t stand the thought of all that hassle in replacing them? Well, you don’t need to – Butterworth Property Services can assist you with your Spring cleaning needs.

As one of the largest investments made in your household, it’s no surprise that your floor accounts for more than a third of the area in your home. So, when it comes to deciding what flooring solution would best suit you and your family’s needs, longevity is a major factor to consider. Not only is it hard to distinguish what would look good over an area of a few hundred square metres from just a tiny sample of carpet or flooring, but how do you know it will last for as long as you need it?

Once the big decision has been made, you then need to go through the ordeal of moving out furniture, organising a suitable time to have the fitters in, the constant tea making while workmen crawl around on the floor, hoping it won’t rain while your furniture is being stored outside. All this hassle means we might look after our floors a little more to try and prolong the time between going through this all again. That is why at Butterworth Property Services, we recommend regular professional carpet cleaning.

Unfortunately common and atmospheric soiling is unavoidable. We bring in dirt, sand and plant fibres from outside. These soils are brought into the home by all of us, including household pets, if we have them. Dust which continually builds up around your home is also deposited on to your carpets and sinks deeper into the base of the carpet. This builds up a layer of dirt and dust which you can’t see but eventually results in faded carpets and damage to the base layer. And if you have children, the spills, art and craft days and unexpected events will contribute to the deterioration of your carpet.

Butterworth Property Services are currently in the process of taking bookings for the Spring clean season. If you feel you need a little helping hand in preparing your home for those warmer months, call us today. From carpets, rugs, hard floors, tiles and marble, choose from one of great cleaning options, our technicians will advise you on what will suit your needs best and get leave your carpets cleaned, dry and stain blocked in as little as 30 minutes.

Don’t let lingering carpet dirt and grime hang around all year, call Butterworth Property Services today.

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